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About Us

Stylish Study is an online hub that exists to empower, inspire and help young female students achieve the grades of their dreams. We work with students of all ages and backgrounds, no matter where they are within their study journey. Our focus on providing valuable resources and support means that we can help each student achieve her academic goals and live a life of success. With our comprehensive range of content, from exam tips to lifestyle advice, product line and range of courses. Stylish Study is the ultimate online destination for every student who wants to make the most of her education.

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From our Founder

Hi, I'm Ella.


I went from scraping passes to A*s.

When I was revising for my exams, I went in blind. I was nowhere near the top grades I was dreaming of, the kind that would allow me have total control over my future.
I can't even tell you how heartbreaking it was seeing scores just high enough to pass, over and over again, with the occasional U as well.

I had to find a way to take my flopped results; my constant failure and turn my life into one where I felt inspired, felt successful; in control. 

Fast forward to now, and I'm teaching girls like you worldwide how to have the same success that I did!
I can't wait to teach you all I've learnt to turn fails to A*s (sometimes with a little help from our specialist experts!)

You can find more of me @ellaharmony_








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