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We're Stylish Study, an online hub with a mission to empower, inspire & arm every young female student with the knowledge she needs to achieve the grades of her dreams to live the life she wants, without compromising on style or conforming to the 'smart' stereotype.

No matter where you are within your study journey, we want to work with you to help you achieve your full potential.

Researching and Writing


Hi, I'm Ella,


I went from scraping passes to A*s 

When I was revising for my exams, I went in blind.

I was no where near the top grades I was dreaming of, the kind that would allow me have total control over my future.

I can’t even tell you how heartbreaking it was seeing scores just high enough to pass, over and over again, with the occasional U as well.


I had to find a way to take my flopped results & my constant failure & turn my life into one where I felt inspired, felt successful & in control.


It took a ton of late nights, revising along side researching, testing & trialling the methods I had learnt...and this went on for MONTHS.

Fast forward to now, I’m teaching girls like you worldwide how to have the same success that I did!

Welcome to Stylish Study, I can't wait for us to work on your grades together! 







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Our membership is the place to learn *how* to revise... Get access to the best quality training videos with accompanying worksheets as well as access to our forum & our extensive ebook library.

All our products have been optimised for the most efficient studying based on proven study methods. With a range of digital & physical products.

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Our POdcast

Every week our founder, Ella, presents the Stylish Study Show, our podcast, which is filled to the brim of motivation & active steps you can take to navigate your way as a student 

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